Vampirella/Army of Darkness por Mark Rahner

September 15, 2019

Vampirella/Army of Darkness por Mark Rahner
Titulo del libro : Vampirella/Army of Darkness
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 21, 2016
Autor : Mark Rahner
Número de páginas : 96
ISBN : 1606908375
Editor : Dynamite Entertainment

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Mark Rahner con Vampirella/Army of Darkness

Horror icons from two universes collide as Ash Williams, the chainsaw-armed chosen one of the small and big screen, crosses paths with the supernatural super heroine Vampirella in a story set during the events of the cult classic film, Army of Darkness! When Ash misspoke the incantation to acquire the Necronomicon, an unholy book written in blood, the spell ripped Vampirella - a force for good, despite her blood-hungry fangs - from her own time and back to 1300 AD. Infected by Deadite magic, she stalks the halls of Lord Arthur's castle, unable to control her thirst. Even if that time-lost chuckle head Ash can free her of the demonic mutation, can he convince his allies - primitive screw heads that they are - that she shouldn't be burned at the stake?