Meghan's Wish (Love and Danger, Book 4) por Amy Gamet

December 16, 2019

Meghan's Wish (Love and Danger, Book 4) por Amy Gamet
Titulo del libro : Meghan's Wish (Love and Danger, Book 4)
Fecha de lanzamiento : December 15, 2013
Autor : Amy Gamet
Número de páginas : 54
Editor : Amy Gamet

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Amy Gamet con Meghan's Wish (Love and Danger, Book 4)

This Christmas, a lonely man will find true love, a sick child will regain her health, and a young mother will learn the power of forgiveness...

Meghan O'Connor's daughter Fiona is ill, forcing Meghan to return to the family she ran away from as a pregnant teenager. She's afraid they won't forgive her for leaving town with wanted criminal Liam Wheaton, the boy they tried so hard to keep her away from and the father of her baby.

She'd thought he was innocent. Years passed before the truth was revealed, sending Meghan running again, this time with their daughter. They stayed away until Fiona's illness forced them back to Largo. Meghan never expected to find Liam living there, looking sexier than ever and mad as all hell.

Largo sheriff Ricky Powell has always had it in for Liam, all the way back to second grade when it was clear a young Meghan preferred to sit next to the son of the town drunk instead of him. Now Meghan's back in town, and Ricky's determined to bring Liam down once and for all, even if it means signing Fiona's death warrant.