John Henry vs. the Robots por Samuel Clemens

February 24, 2020

John Henry vs. the Robots por Samuel Clemens
Titulo del libro : John Henry vs. the Robots
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 14, 2014
Autor : Samuel Clemens
Número de páginas : 106

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Samuel Clemens con John Henry vs. the Robots

John Henry vs. The Robots: A Comparison of Human and Machine Translation" is just that: the first chapter of Mark Twains two "Adventures of" books ("Tom Sawyer" and "Hucklberry Finn") in its original English are presented along with several translations into Spanish. These various and varied translations are used to show how different manifestations of intelligence - real (human) and artificial (computers) - produce different results.

No commentary is provided; the various translations are simply shown, one after the other, without revealing who (or what) made the translation. The reader must decide which translation[s] is/are "best." At the end of both sections ("Tom Sawyer" and "Hucklberry Finn"), a "Translation Key" is given, showing who made the translation. The "robots" (machines) are represented by google and bing; translators from around the world make up the human army arrayed against the machines.

In case you like the human translations, and want to reach out to the translators, their contact information is provided.