CCEA GCSE Digital Technology (English Edition) por Siobhan Matthewson

February 21, 2020

CCEA GCSE Digital Technology (English Edition) por Siobhan Matthewson
Titulo del libro : CCEA GCSE Digital Technology (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 25, 2017
Autor : Siobhan Matthewson
Número de páginas : 292
Editor : Hodder Education

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Siobhan Matthewson con CCEA GCSE Digital Technology (English Edition)

Exam Board: CCEA
Level: GCSE
Subject: Digital Technology
First Teaching: September 2017
First Exam: June 2019

This title has been written to help ensure students' successful progress through CCEA's GCSE Digital Technology specification.

Our expert authors provide insight and guidance for the mandatory Digital Technology unit and each of the Multimedia and Programming optional units, and have incorporated challenging tasks and activities to test essential knowledge and skills required for the examined and controlled assessment units.

- Features comprehensive coverage of the examined Digital Technology unit
- Builds students' Multimedia and Programming skills and capabilities (depending on their chosen pathway) through clearly focused content and activities to assess understanding and aid progression
- Provides students with contexts to apply digital technology skills
- Develops problem-solving skills with selected tasks for each pathway
- Helps students prepare for success in externally examined and controlled assessments with opportunities to test and consolidate understanding through each unit